Valentines Day

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Yesterday Maddie announced she didn’t have any Valentine cards and she wanted to hand some out to her classmates.  I was beginning to think she was getting too old for this sort of thing but, happily she isn’t.  Daddy took her to the store on the way to pick me up from work in the truck because I didn’t want to drive the little Tercel on these terrible roads.  They didn’t like what was available so she decided to buy some bristle board in purple, pink, white and black.

Deciding to make 30 cards in one evening is a little ambitous.   The child is more and more like me every day. Scary.   She started  making a few and quickly discovered this would be a difficult task .  I was soon recruited to cut out hearts in three sizes.

They all got finished and addressed and amazingly enough we didn’t have a snow day today.  There are been nine this season and I think five in the last two weeks due to a roads department strike.  Tomorrow is a Professional Activity day and Monday is the new Family Day holiday.  Nice long weekend for her.  Unfortunately, I work tomorrow and Saturday.


I did manage to complete another item for my friend who is having a baby.

I think these nursing cover ups are genius.  They sell for around $40 in a local baby shop.  I let the new mama to be pick her own fabric on this one.



Where was all this neat stuff when I was pregnant a hundred years ago?


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