February Challenge

February 10, 2011 at 6:59 pm | Posted in sewing | 1 Comment
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I have finished the Everyday Shopper  for February and it was a much easier go than the Cosmo.  The directions still baffled me a little and I ended up putting a pocket on either side of the exterior pieces when I should have one on the inside.  I guess I would have if the pocket pieces were both contrasting.  Turns out only the outside one contrasts.  The inside one should though if it is  truly  reversible.

Anyways. .. It’s done and I’ve even started working on March’s bags.  There are 6 in the set and I’ve completed one.  The second has been held up due to a lack of zippers.  I hate that I have to make a 45 minute journey to town to get zippers.  I’ll wait until someone else is going for other supplies and tag along.

Follow the challenge here.

In the meantime I made these little guys from One Yard Wonders.

I especially like the Zzz fabric.  It is actually called Goodnight Monday by Erin Michael for moda fabrics.  I embroidered the eyes and nose so they would be baby safe.  I love how kooky they look.

A Challenge

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Just what I need at this sleepy, frigid, dark and depressing time of the year.    So here it is,

If the link doesn’t work here there is a badge on my sidebar that does.

I was cruising Flickr for inspiration on the new Cosmo Bag from Amy Butler’s Style Stitches when one link led me to another yada yada and I found this challenge.   I had already decided that this was my next project and what better way to stay inspired then to  make it with a bunch of other like minded sewers?  It really helps when people post their problems and ideas on the discussion pages of the Flickr group.

I’m not expecting that I will  make all 17 bags.  If I get five or six completed I’ll be delighted and I won’t need to feel guilty about the book purchase.

Here is the fabric.  I confiscated the chenille from my dh workroom.  It was in with his parents belongings and he thought since it was damaged I wouldn’t want it.  DOES HE KNOW ME AT ALL!!!

The bag wasn’t too difficult, but the “easy” rating in the book is a little off.  I had trouble with some of the instructions but somehow muddled through and figured it out.

It’s a big bag and pretty WOW.  I’ll have to see if I actually have the chutzpa to carry this thing.

I didn’t make the side pockets quite as deep as the instructions would have you.  Before I sewed the side panels on I stitched two lines about 7 1/2 inches down from the top of the pocket.  I looked around on flickr and found some great ideas for smaller interior pockets as well.  There are some good questions and answers in the discussion section of the bag challenge.  I would recommend doing some research before you start this project.

Here is the interior.

I added the little pocket for keys or a cell phone.  I think smaller things will just get lost in the giant pockets.

Next month is the Reversible Everyday Shopper.  I’m thinking denim and maybe just a little orange this time…umm

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