Pattern Challenge: McCalls 5919

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I’m so glad to get one more project accomplished on my to do list.  A friend of ours is having their second child anytime now and I wanted to make something special for child number one.  The older sibling sometimes gets a little forgotten at these times so I wanted to be able to present her with a gift when we brought something for the baby.  It’s a special time in her life too afterall.

I use to sew clothes all the time.  Blazers, dresses, even my own wedding dress.  Yes, one day I will purchase a scanner and be able to post it all.  Over the last few years of renovating I have turned my attention to home projects.  I sew drapery, blinds, slip covers, duvet covers, and lots of pillows for myself and clients.  I have a stash of oh I don’t know…100 patterns.  Maybe more, and I ‘ve given away about the same quantity.   I use to work at a fabric store and when there was discontinued patterns they let us take them.  It wasn’t unusual to drag home one or two huge bags packed with patterns.  Hoarders?  Ya, maybe a little.  I have given many away as styles and ambitions changed.

It has been good lately to get back to garment sewing if only on smaller simpler projects like the sundress from OYW and this  little tunic above.  I think joining the Pattern Challenge really helped me to get motivated.  I especially like sewing for kids.

As for a review of this pattern, I’ve done so on Pattern Review here.

Where the Romans really blind?

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So, I finally got to it and made the roman blind for the bathroom.  That is really the final project in there so I can call it finished.  Pretty much anyways.



 Making romans is really pretty easy.  It is for a small window like this anyways.   I basically follow the instructions in the Singer Sewing for the Home book.  Old, but still very useful.  Hey, so am I.  ha .  I use velcro to attach the blind to the mounting board and the book says to staple it.  I like the idea of taking it down to dust or wash if I have to.  Really, will I?  Probably not. 

I did take pictures along the way and plan to put together a tutorial on making romans, but that will have to wait for a day that I’m not painting a RED runner on my stairs.  Fingers crossed that the tape works.

One Yard Wonders

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I purchased this book with a gift card that my husband and daughter got me for Christmas.  My 13-year-old daughter got really into it and had us making the dog walking coat the first night.  The medium size was really small for our Bouvier and German Sheppard but it wasn’t hard at all to enlarge.  I measured our dogs: with around belly, length of coat, and around the neck.  I then layed the original pattern piece on a  piece of craft paper and drew around it using the measurements we would need to fit our puppy dogs plus seam allowance.  When making my own pattern like this I fold the pattern in half before cutting it out to make sure I get a balanced pattern.   We made the coat reversible so the dogs could share it and wear the fabric best suited to their coat.  Purple polar fleece on the Bouvier and a sporty camouflage on the Sheppard.  We omitted the collar and the belt piece.  We were in a bit of a hurry and didn’t want the coat too fussy for ol’ farm dogs.

one yard dog coat

This is Winnie, the Bouvier.   The cloak of embarrassment was made worse by the camera stealing her soul.  She would sit nicely and then run as soon as the camera made a click.  It took several tries to get this picture.  I’ll have to wait for our other dog to get home.  He is on a road trip with his daddy.  Sickening but that’s how it is around here.  The dogs are part of the family.

I’m a fairly experienced sewer and could probably make most of these items without the book but, I find it a really helpful aid to inspire myself and my daughter.  It is beautifully photographed and the fabrics are wonderful. 

I’m looking forward to many more projects.  My daughter has her eyes on the Simply Beautiful Sundress shown on the cover.

Over, at last.

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I know it doesn’t sound very festive but, I’m glad it is over, mostly  anyways.  I don’t think we will do much for New Years Eve so the festivities are over for us.  I can’t wait to get started on our renovations which we have been putting off until the new year.

I am doing a little last minute sewing that I know I won’t have time for, at least for a little while.  I made this yogo bag for MYSELF using the Amy Butler pattern from here

yoga bag

yoga bag

It felt good to make something for myself.  I have some curtains to make for an order.  I should probably do that next.  They will be hard to make once the upstairs is torn apart.  We are going to be dividing our one large main bedroom into three rooms including a powder room , a guest/sewing and a main bedroom with storage.  I hope it all ends up working out for us.  I know hubby couldn’t care less if we left it as it is right now but,  I need some order in this chaos of a bedroom/sewing room/ computer room/ exercise room/ powder room.

Here is a shot of my next project for spring.



I hope to make this a cool pad for us to hang out in, in the summer and play games and keep away from the bugs.  Up until now it has mostly been used for storage.  Such a shame.  Anyways, I have a few ideas and hope to get at it when the house is back in order.  So many projects… so little cash.

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