February Challenge

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I have finished the Everyday Shopper  for February and it was a much easier go than the Cosmo.  The directions still baffled me a little and I ended up putting a pocket on either side of the exterior pieces when I should have one on the inside.  I guess I would have if the pocket pieces were both contrasting.  Turns out only the outside one contrasts.  The inside one should though if it is  truly  reversible.

Anyways. .. It’s done and I’ve even started working on March’s bags.  There are 6 in the set and I’ve completed one.  The second has been held up due to a lack of zippers.  I hate that I have to make a 45 minute journey to town to get zippers.  I’ll wait until someone else is going for other supplies and tag along.

Follow the challenge here.

In the meantime I made these little guys from One Yard Wonders.

I especially like the Zzz fabric.  It is actually called Goodnight Monday by Erin Michael for moda fabrics.  I embroidered the eyes and nose so they would be baby safe.  I love how kooky they look.

A Sundress Rant

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I should rejoice in the fact that she will still wear something I make.  This is a cute little dress that looks good with jeans, shorts or as a short dress for summer.

We found the pattern in One Yard Wonders.  It is called the Simply Beautiful Sundress.   We searched for a few minutes for the skirt pattern piece and then realized it is cut from directions.  Not a problem.  There are only two other pattern pieces for this dress, a bodice front and back.  Very simple, but we had a few problems.  I learned how to sew from the major pattern companies and I am use to their methods.  I like the marked pattern pieces that tell you where side seams are, give you notches to match up and etc.  This has none of that.  What was confusing was the diagrams that don’t follow what I feel the written directions are saying.  The diagram shows the back and front bodice pieces being attached to the skirt at the front.  It looks as if the back is backless?  I used what little common sense I have and assumed the seam where the front and back bodice are attached together would be the side seam and that these should match with the side seams of the skirt.  An elastic is attached and it is a little strange too.  The directions tell you to mark it in quarters and attach to the dress.  I assume this means front, side seam, back and side seam.  The elastic is pulled more on the back and less on the front.  I guess this is to allow for booty.  A little more fullness at the back?  Makes sense but this should be shown or explained.  Lastly,  it directs  you to topstitch to hold this seam allowance down towards the skirt.  Topstitch on a gathered seam?  This would look messy .  I can’t see topstitching on the one in the picture.  It’s  patterns like this that make me appreciate the back views and line drawings that the big pattern companies have.

We got lucky and happened to have a great match for the bias tape.  The fabric is Amy Butler Midwest Modern Ohio Sky.  It was really nice to use and I love the look for summer.

I’m the type of person who likes to follow the directions.  I’ve heard others say they use patterns as suggestion only and as a general guide.  I like to make changes, but I expect the pattern I’ve paid for to actually make sense too.

Here are some pictures of the back, front and inside sans daughter.

Thanks for the rant.  Next project ..

One Yard Wonders

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I purchased this book with a gift card that my husband and daughter got me for Christmas.  My 13-year-old daughter got really into it and had us making the dog walking coat the first night.  The medium size was really small for our Bouvier and German Sheppard but it wasn’t hard at all to enlarge.  I measured our dogs: with around belly, length of coat, and around the neck.  I then layed the original pattern piece on a  piece of craft paper and drew around it using the measurements we would need to fit our puppy dogs plus seam allowance.  When making my own pattern like this I fold the pattern in half before cutting it out to make sure I get a balanced pattern.   We made the coat reversible so the dogs could share it and wear the fabric best suited to their coat.  Purple polar fleece on the Bouvier and a sporty camouflage on the Sheppard.  We omitted the collar and the belt piece.  We were in a bit of a hurry and didn’t want the coat too fussy for ol’ farm dogs.

one yard dog coat

This is Winnie, the Bouvier.   The cloak of embarrassment was made worse by the camera stealing her soul.  She would sit nicely and then run as soon as the camera made a click.  It took several tries to get this picture.  I’ll have to wait for our other dog to get home.  He is on a road trip with his daddy.  Sickening but that’s how it is around here.  The dogs are part of the family.

I’m a fairly experienced sewer and could probably make most of these items without the book but, I find it a really helpful aid to inspire myself and my daughter.  It is beautifully photographed and the fabrics are wonderful. 

I’m looking forward to many more projects.  My daughter has her eyes on the Simply Beautiful Sundress shown on the cover.

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