My Fair (Young) Lady

September 30, 2008 at 7:46 pm | Posted in farm life | Leave a comment
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Maddie finally got to show her horse at the Bobcaygeon Fair.  We had trailer and truck issues on the first day of events.  It nearly didn’t happen but, after some ups and downs there she was on Saturday for the Western Show.

Maddie and Cheers

Maddie and Cheers

We didn’t realize she was suppose to wear her riding helmet as she didn’t have a cowboy hat.  Oh well, she still managed to place 6th out of 12 people in this event.  She also rode in a Walk Jog event which she received a 4th place in.  Cheers started limping and wasn’t able to compete any more that day.  I was kind of anxious to get back home.  Robin’s dad had gone missing.  He went for a walk and got lost.  Robin looked for him for about 2 hours until they decided they would have to call the police.  He was found safe and sound some 4 hours later.  Scary.


We are very proud of our fair lady.  Next year I hope things go a little smoother.  Maybe Cheers will be able to enter the costume competition in her lovely outfit.

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