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These aprons are reversible. I made them using the emmeline apron pattern from Sew Liberated.  I added pockets to the second one.


I made the one on the left by copying a bag my DD already owns and the messenger bag from directions from Sew What! Bags. 

I’ve been very busy sewing lately.  I just love it when my daughter is on her summer break and life seems to slow just a little.  Enough to sleep a little later and not fret about getting to bed in time for an early morning to get her off to school.  I’m most productive with my sewing late at night, provided I’m not exhausted anyways.  During the day there are so many more distractions. Phone calls, questions, pick this up, take this here, we need more of this, DD needs a ride here….

This is our second summer with air-conditioning.  LOVE IT!  I’m still very appreciative of it and don’t take it for granted. Having the geothermal installed has been our best reno so far.  I try not to blast it though.  It is summer after-all and I kind of don’t mind being a little on the warm side.


Mama went shopping

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On  Good Friday I went to the One of a Kind Show in Toronto.  They have these shows in other cities like Chicago, Vancouver and New York, and they are so worth while to go to.  You get to see  and often meet craft people, designers and artisans from all over that create beautiful pieces of work.  I usually just go to the Christmas one with the intention of buying gifts for family and friends.  This time it was all about ME.  I felt a little guilty but in the end I am so happy I splurged on myself.  I ended up buying some wonderful  jewellery from here.   I bought a  ring in silver (shown above)  and a necklace.  But wait that’s not all.  I’d seen this shop at the last show and hummed and hawed about buying something.  It only took me 4 months but Ifinally bought a couple of items.  A  top and skirt that I am so excited about.

The top I bought is this same colour as the one in the photo below, but the print is of a flower.  The skirt I bought is green with silk screened leaves.  I think it will be my market skirt.  That’s exactly what my daughter thought when she saw it too.  When I told her how much they were she was a little surprized that I had spent so much on myself, but she said I deserved it.  I think so too.  As much as I love sewing for myself I feel really good about these purchases.  They are both from Canadian companies that are trying to produce quality goods. 


Guilty Admission:

Even though  I did buy a Canadian made bug box, small wooden toy and two decorated cookies  from the show for the two baskets I did up this year I also bought some crappy chinese stuff  from the dollar store.  I felt terrible about it and that is at least a step in the right direction.  I promise to be more organized for next year and make some items for their baskets or at least shop smart.

So kind

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Wow, I can’t believe I’ve been nominated for a

How nice is that?  I’ve visited Elizabeth’s blog E Made This several times since finding her on Sew Mama Sew.  She is a great sewer and has a super cute baby boy.  I understand that I’m suppose to thank the person who nominated me, (thank-you, thank-you) , share seven interesting things about myself  and the best part is I get to nominate seven more bloggers. That part should be easy, I read a lot of blogs.   I also get to paste this award on my blog and link it back to Elizabeth.  Which I really hope I’ve done correctly.

Okay, lets keep these seven things about myself short and simple. ( I won’t count that as one)

1. I haven’t shared this blog with anyone I actually know.

2. I love creating things and spaces.  I need to do this or I feel lost.  I love my home.

3.  I have a marketing degree which I never really used.  The economy wasn’t great  at the time I graduated. I moved in with my now husband in a rural area  and found a  retail job at a fabric store.  I figured if I had to work retail I had better like the product.  I now work part-time in a paint store.  I sometimes wish I’d had the ambition or confidence to get a real job in my field.

4.  I’m a life time member of Weight Watchers.  I’m roughly 20 pounds from goal but I’m back going to meetings and have lost about 13 pounds so far this time round.

5.  I spend far too much time playing minesweeper.  I think I might be beating this addiction now that I have high-speed.  I use to play it while waiting for pages to open.

6.  I like being alone.  I love an empty house.  I love knowing they will all come back safe and sound but, I love my alone time.  Give me more.  I ask for it for Mothers’ Day and friends think I’m mean.  Oh well, it’s what I really want.

7.  I’m terrible to buy for, just ask my husband.  I take everything back.  I try not to now that my daughter shops for me.  I really don’t want to hurt her feelings.  She is getting better at knowing what I like though.  It’s terrible to open a gift and ask where they got it because I’m thinking about returning it.  I hate money spent on things I don’t love.

That’s it.  Not wonderfully interesting I suppose but, that’s all your getting.

Here is my list of nominees:

1. Irene from Mushroom Villagers.  This was the first sewing blog I ever followed and the first to comment on mine.  She is really busy with Sew Mama Sew and hasn’t posted a lot lately but she has a wonderful blog that I still like to read.

2.   AppleCyder  is another blog I really enjoy.   I love her photography .

3.  Bethany from Craftopia  is a great designer.  She has a new blog that I’m really enjoying.

4.  Tammie from craftytammie is so talented.  I’ve seen some wonderful cakes on her blog that I am going to try to recreate.

5. casapinka makes me laugh.  She is an amazing artist and has a wonderful eye.

6. Julie from Color With Stitches  has made some beautiful quilts that I wish I had the patience to make.

7. Pink Penquin has a beautiful blog.  She is even silk screening her own fabric.  Something I’d love to try one day.

So this has been fun.  I hope everyone can pass this award on to other blogs that they enjoy.

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