Spring has Sprung…?

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Finally things are starting to look a little more seasonal around here.  The local supermarket  called for their first hanging basket order of the year.  Our plants have been looking ready to go for a couple of weeks now.  Sounds good, but it’s not really.  The plants get too big and they are crammed together and mold starts to grow where there is no air circulation.  We have been cutting the plants back since before Easter and they just keep filling in.  We have had a bit of a battle against  black winged gnats as well.   But, now with warmer weather ahead of us and plants  starting to move, things will be getting easier.  There are 30 fewer baskets to water.  That’s a plus anyways.

I’ve noticed the regular wild flowers blooming.  This one is colts foot I believe.

Trout Lily.  Lovely flower, less lovely name.

Went for a walk the other day with a girl on a horse.


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This is the greenhouse on April 29th.  Everything looks so healthy.

The Greenhouse is up and running

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The heat is on and the plants have arrived.  The arrival date was off by one day due to the bad roads but, they are here now.


green green plants


The plants look to be in great shape.  Hopefully the weather gets a little warmer so we don’t have to count on producing so much heat.  Robin is using the outdoor wood burning stove with propane as a backup.   Maddie and  Robin are doing most of the planting, because I’m busy with some sewing and painting jobs besides the paint store job of course.  Robin is paying her well.  She is a wealthy child.  She is saving for horse gear and she wants to have a portrait painted of her two ponies.  She should have enough for most of it by the end of this planting season.  Lucky girl.

Meanwhile, outside still looks like this…

feeding cows

snow angel ravaged by wolf dog

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