Spring has Sprung…?

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Finally things are starting to look a little more seasonal around here.  The local supermarket  called for their first hanging basket order of the year.  Our plants have been looking ready to go for a couple of weeks now.  Sounds good, but it’s not really.  The plants get too big and they are crammed together and mold starts to grow where there is no air circulation.  We have been cutting the plants back since before Easter and they just keep filling in.  We have had a bit of a battle against  black winged gnats as well.   But, now with warmer weather ahead of us and plants  starting to move, things will be getting easier.  There are 30 fewer baskets to water.  That’s a plus anyways.

I’ve noticed the regular wild flowers blooming.  This one is colts foot I believe.

Trout Lily.  Lovely flower, less lovely name.

Went for a walk the other day with a girl on a horse.

A walk for three

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I’m really trying to follow my weight watchers program.  Getting out and being active is definitely something I’m trying to do more of.  My dogs are 11yo and 5yo and have really been enjoying these walks around the field as much as me.  I took the camera last time and here is my adventure.

This is my Winnie.  She’s the 11 yo.  For a large breed dog this is considered a long life.  Each day is a gift and I appreciate her every day.  She started out on the walk just fine.

Here she is following her fool brother, Bingo.  That’s not what we call him.  I can read the looks on her face.  She really does think he is a fool.  I’ve tried talking to her about this but…

We passed the barnyard and said hello to mama cow.

and abbey the goat.

Now I’ve lost one dog (Winnie) and the other has taken off on me.

I’m not letting it bother me.  I’m stopping to enjoy the beautiful winter colours.

Someone just noticed we’ve become a walk for two.

I love how these bird houses we put up years ago have survived and aged.  What a lovely summer home.

He is sure he hears something under the snow.  Probably a mole or mouse?

I can’t seem to get enough of this and take some 30 pictures.

Okay, this is the last one.  I’m sure pleased he’s getting a bit of a bath this way.

I love this close up of a cedar rail fence.

An enchanted forest.

The ultimate in a climbing tree.

A perfect maple which makes a home and lunch bar for…

a woodpecker.  Which I took another 20 or so pictures of.

Oh look,

someone has decided it’s time to go home.  Thanks!  Yes, the speck in the distance is the dog I’ve taken for a walk.

I love this elm.  Not many healthy ones left around here.  Elm trees remind me of the party tree in Go Dog Go.

Looks like a long walk home.  ugh. Who’s idea was this?

I suspect I must walk like a duck to make tracks like this. ??

“hey mom, what’s taken you so long?”

My Home Cure

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I’m following Apartment Therapy’s Home Cure and was inspired to create a post.  Today’s assignment was to buy fresh flowers for our homes.  I wasn’t able to accomplish this today, but I was able to go cut some fresh plant material in my garden.  We’ve had a couple of frosts here already but, these herbs and chinese lanterns have survived so far.  I believe this is lemon balm.


The Cure has those following complete 20 minute home projects to help make our homes a little more lovelier.  Yesterday involved a 20 minute clean of one room.  I was already cleaning yesterday, but took some solice in the fact that I wasn’t alone in my chores.

Here’s one more picture of the lanterns.

The Tour is Over

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I’m so glad I did it and I’m so glad it’s behind me.  Much like child-birth I guess.  My house looked great for a few days and now things are getting back to their normal state of messiness.  I am keeping up on dishes and trying to make the bed but, how long will that last really?

The weather wasn’t great as it has been in previous years, but the rain held out and a few people walked around the gardens and to the gazebo.  I wasn’t at the house during the tour though.  I was manning our (my daughter and mine) booth at the local farmer’s market.  Considering it was the first day of the market ever and the weather, all went really well.  My daughter’s jewellery outsold my few sewn goods and she was very pleased.

The crowds through the house loved my store-bought Costco cake. (shh our secret)  I never actually said I made it but I did take the compliments.  I knew when I spotted it across the baking department that it would look good in my kitchen.  Tasted nice too.

Yes, a new counter top is in the planning stage.

One Yard Wonders

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I purchased this book with a gift card that my husband and daughter got me for Christmas.  My 13-year-old daughter got really into it and had us making the dog walking coat the first night.  The medium size was really small for our Bouvier and German Sheppard but it wasn’t hard at all to enlarge.  I measured our dogs: with around belly, length of coat, and around the neck.  I then layed the original pattern piece on a  piece of craft paper and drew around it using the measurements we would need to fit our puppy dogs plus seam allowance.  When making my own pattern like this I fold the pattern in half before cutting it out to make sure I get a balanced pattern.   We made the coat reversible so the dogs could share it and wear the fabric best suited to their coat.  Purple polar fleece on the Bouvier and a sporty camouflage on the Sheppard.  We omitted the collar and the belt piece.  We were in a bit of a hurry and didn’t want the coat too fussy for ol’ farm dogs.

one yard dog coat

This is Winnie, the Bouvier.   The cloak of embarrassment was made worse by the camera stealing her soul.  She would sit nicely and then run as soon as the camera made a click.  It took several tries to get this picture.  I’ll have to wait for our other dog to get home.  He is on a road trip with his daddy.  Sickening but that’s how it is around here.  The dogs are part of the family.

I’m a fairly experienced sewer and could probably make most of these items without the book but, I find it a really helpful aid to inspire myself and my daughter.  It is beautifully photographed and the fabrics are wonderful. 

I’m looking forward to many more projects.  My daughter has her eyes on the Simply Beautiful Sundress shown on the cover.

My Fair (Young) Lady

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Maddie finally got to show her horse at the Bobcaygeon Fair.  We had trailer and truck issues on the first day of events.  It nearly didn’t happen but, after some ups and downs there she was on Saturday for the Western Show.

Maddie and Cheers

Maddie and Cheers

We didn’t realize she was suppose to wear her riding helmet as she didn’t have a cowboy hat.  Oh well, she still managed to place 6th out of 12 people in this event.  She also rode in a Walk Jog event which she received a 4th place in.  Cheers started limping and wasn’t able to compete any more that day.  I was kind of anxious to get back home.  Robin’s dad had gone missing.  He went for a walk and got lost.  Robin looked for him for about 2 hours until they decided they would have to call the police.  He was found safe and sound some 4 hours later.  Scary.


We are very proud of our fair lady.  Next year I hope things go a little smoother.  Maybe Cheers will be able to enter the costume competition in her lovely outfit.

What a summer!

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I can’t believe it is almost over.  Our fall fair is next weekend and we have been busy because Maddie is riding her horse, Cheers in it this year.  This will be her first competition.  We went $hopping tonight after school and bought her a jacket and new pant$.  Wow.  She is riding English and Western so two completely different outfits are needed.  She has also informed me she wants to enter the pony and the horse in the costume show.  I have almost finished a pink tutu for the pony.  We sent this photo to a Toronto morning show and they showed it on air!!! We were soooo happy to see it.

final dress fitting before the fair

final dress fitting before the fair


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This is the greenhouse on April 29th.  Everything looks so healthy.


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We had a relatively small crowd this year.  Somewhere around 12 I believe.   It was nice to have young ones present.  Kyla, who is  four, really enjoyed the egg hunt this year.  Next year Inez will be nearly two and will give her a run for her chocolate.   Maddie did the hiding and took some pressure off me for a nice change.

 Easter bunnyWe had a visit from the Easter Bunny who enjoyed snacking on bird seed.

img_1366.jpgOur kitty joined in on all the Easter fun.

Things where a little strange this year without Grandma Carey.  We miss her dearly. She always kept me company in the kitchen and was the first to start the dishes.  Auntie Freda stepped in and helped out lots though.  Change is always difficult and we are in for some big ones.  Hold on to your boot straps, missy!

March Break

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Well, the break has come to an end and spring is starting to appear.  It has been a very busy and emotional week.  We had to have our oldest cat, Barney put down.  She had heart disease and was starting to have breathing and circulation problems.  Poor old girl, she was such a sweetheart.  Never a nasty cat, always the lover.  I have many pictures of her with Maddie as a baby.  She was Maddie’s little nurse maid.  Never minded a squeal and the occasional tail tug.

Maddie had a friend visit, who had moved away a couple of years ago.  They have stayed in contact which is nice. She also took the babysitting course which I think she already knew most of. She has always taken an interest is caring for the little ones in our life.

Last night I read about the artisian bread at Mushroom Villagers and just had to give it a go.  It was delicious and I will definiately be trying it again.  I made a small loaf and will try a little larger size tonight. 


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