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March 13, 2011 at 10:00 pm | Posted in decorating | 1 Comment

Over the last few years I’ve finally started to think about decorating my home in a different way.  I’m really trying to incorporated objects from my past into my home in an artful way.

This sign hung in a snack bar/bar that my family owned when I was a kid.  I worked at the lunch counter  and probably made a few thousand Kee burgers in my day.   I was so glad my mom kept it when she sold the place.  I salvaged it from my mom’s garage a few years ago.

It now hangs in a place of honour in my kitchen.

I’ve had this idea kicking around for years and finally got r done today.

If you can’t make it out, it’s a collection of ticket stubs from some of my favourite shows I’ve seen.  I’ve framed them and now I need to decide where to hang it.  Or maybe rest it.

I framed an old poster from the bar we owned as well.

Nice glare I know.  Tricky picture to take.   Anyways, it evokes fond memories for me.

I’ve also displayed old children’s books.  I have a set of Winnie the Pooh books that were my mothers.  They sit on my computer desk.  I have several Cat in the Hat books that I need to find a place for too.  I keep buying them when I find them at second hand stores even though my dd is well past the age where she wants them read to her at bedtime.   I can’t help myself.  If it’s one I already have I gift it to little kids in my life.  Spread the love I say.

My favourite art in the house right now is my records.  I bought these frames from Michaels  for cheap and I just love having the old albums on display.   I can change them up and display different ones later.  I have a pretty good selection to chose from.

One of the things that I did on the cheap that I’m most happy with is this dining buffet that I’ve used for my TV.  The cabinet on the wall above was suppose to sit on the bottom part.  I had some of the base cut off and we hung it above.

The pictures are of my granddad’s farm.  The record player was purchased from Canadian Tire.  I picked up the record holder from a local antique store for about $10 .  I went looking for the clock and found it at an antique store.  Some days you just put the thought out there and the objects find you.  Sweet.  I think it cost about $30.

I bought some old music sheets in Bala Ontario about 25 years ago and finally framed them this year.  What better place to hang them then over a piano?  Sometimes it takes years before a plan comes together.

Sorry for all the glare going on, but it’s the best I could seem to do for now.  No custom framing for me, I search until I find the right frames.  These are from Walmart for around $15 each I think.  Cheap people have to learn to be patient sometimes.

Thanks for coming on the mini tour.

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