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January 18, 2011 at 12:56 pm | Posted in sewing | 4 Comments
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Just what I need at this sleepy, frigid, dark and depressing time of the year.    So here it is,

If the link doesn’t work here there is a badge on my sidebar that does.

I was cruising Flickr for inspiration on the new Cosmo Bag from Amy Butler’s Style Stitches when one link led me to another yada yada and I found this challenge.   I had already decided that this was my next project and what better way to stay inspired then to  make it with a bunch of other like minded sewers?  It really helps when people post their problems and ideas on the discussion pages of the Flickr group.

I’m not expecting that I will  make all 17 bags.  If I get five or six completed I’ll be delighted and I won’t need to feel guilty about the book purchase.

Here is the fabric.  I confiscated the chenille from my dh workroom.  It was in with his parents belongings and he thought since it was damaged I wouldn’t want it.  DOES HE KNOW ME AT ALL!!!

The bag wasn’t too difficult, but the “easy” rating in the book is a little off.  I had trouble with some of the instructions but somehow muddled through and figured it out.

It’s a big bag and pretty WOW.  I’ll have to see if I actually have the chutzpa to carry this thing.

I didn’t make the side pockets quite as deep as the instructions would have you.  Before I sewed the side panels on I stitched two lines about 7 1/2 inches down from the top of the pocket.  I looked around on flickr and found some great ideas for smaller interior pockets as well.  There are some good questions and answers in the discussion section of the bag challenge.  I would recommend doing some research before you start this project.

Here is the interior.

I added the little pocket for keys or a cell phone.  I think smaller things will just get lost in the giant pockets.

Next month is the Reversible Everyday Shopper.  I’m thinking denim and maybe just a little orange this time…umm


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  1. Fun interior of the bag! This looks like a great challenge.

  2. Love how your bag turned out. Denim and orange sounds like a great combo for the shopper.

  3. I found your blog through my sew mama sew’s giveaway – nice to meet you! Glad there are a few more crafters on wordpress too!

    I love the One Yard Wonders! I love the little bear – it has character.

    • Nice to hear from you. I really enjoy your blog. Your giveaway was terrific. I love buying sewing books as well and am really trying to make an effort to try the great ideas in them. I started a challenge with Style Stitches but am getting too busy with our local farmer’s market to keep it up right now. I modified the little bears and made bunnies for Easter. Almost too cute to give away, but sadly I did. Thanks for posting such inspiring projects on your blog.

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