A walk for three

December 18, 2010 at 1:38 pm | Posted in farm life | 1 Comment

I’m really trying to follow my weight watchers program.  Getting out and being active is definitely something I’m trying to do more of.  My dogs are 11yo and 5yo and have really been enjoying these walks around the field as much as me.  I took the camera last time and here is my adventure.

This is my Winnie.  She’s the 11 yo.  For a large breed dog this is considered a long life.  Each day is a gift and I appreciate her every day.  She started out on the walk just fine.

Here she is following her fool brother, Bingo.  That’s not what we call him.  I can read the looks on her face.  She really does think he is a fool.  I’ve tried talking to her about this but…

We passed the barnyard and said hello to mama cow.

and abbey the goat.

Now I’ve lost one dog (Winnie) and the other has taken off on me.

I’m not letting it bother me.  I’m stopping to enjoy the beautiful winter colours.

Someone just noticed we’ve become a walk for two.

I love how these bird houses we put up years ago have survived and aged.  What a lovely summer home.

He is sure he hears something under the snow.  Probably a mole or mouse?

I can’t seem to get enough of this and take some 30 pictures.

Okay, this is the last one.  I’m sure pleased he’s getting a bit of a bath this way.

I love this close up of a cedar rail fence.

An enchanted forest.

The ultimate in a climbing tree.

A perfect maple which makes a home and lunch bar for…

a woodpecker.  Which I took another 20 or so pictures of.

Oh look,

someone has decided it’s time to go home.  Thanks!  Yes, the speck in the distance is the dog I’ve taken for a walk.

I love this elm.  Not many healthy ones left around here.  Elm trees remind me of the party tree in Go Dog Go.

Looks like a long walk home.  ugh. Who’s idea was this?

I suspect I must walk like a duck to make tracks like this. ??

“hey mom, what’s taken you so long?”

Tea Towel Love

December 14, 2010 at 2:52 pm | Posted in decorating, sewing, thirfting | Leave a comment

Yes, lately I’ve been attracted to tea towels.  I scan the racks at Value Village and I especially love the calendar ones.  Bought myself a cutie from 1987.

I’ve been pursuing   Spoonflower recently and was finally enticed to buy  some awesome tea towels.  This site has totally unique stuff.  I ordered this one and this one.   They arrived rather quickly and now I’m in the process of edging them for  Christmas gifts.  The online support  was super helpful with a couple of questions I had as to size and fabric type.   For just $1 I ordered a fabric sample pack which will come in handy next time I order, and I will.  I even received a very nice email from the designer, thanking me for my purchase.  I ordered the linen cotton canvas for my tea towels.  They haven’t been washed yet but, I’ll report back as to how they work for absorbency.  These towels are so cute though, I wonder if the gift receivers will even want to use them.

Here’s a peek before hemming.

And here they are  finished.

I did a 1/4 inch double hem along all sides. Simple.

I highly recommend  Spoonflower. There are many more prints on my wish list for the new year.

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