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March 11, 2010 at 1:40 pm | Posted in sewing | 2 Comments

My daughter has been asking for a couple of years now if we can get a booth at the local farmer’s market.  Well… I’ve relented.  I was happy to see that Bobcaygeon, the town we are actually a part of (on the outskirts of) is starting a market this spring.  Many years ago when our greenhouse business was starting out we took our wares to the Lindsay Farmer’s Market (30 minutes away).  Once we had enough wholesale buyers we stopped going and I sort of missed it.  Maybe not the early hours and the rain but, it was nice to feel part of a community like that.  This new market is closer and they have a shelter in the event of rain.  As well our honey producing neighbours will be participating.  How nice!

My daughter wants to sell her jewellry and I thought I’d sew up a few things to round out the table a little.  We will probably be bringing planters and hanging baskets once the season starts as well.  I’ve made these

so far anyways.  They are a combination of tutorials I’ve been collecting lately.  One is from here and the other from here.  I changed the size and methods but both are really good to get you started.  The fabric for the one on top came from scraps included in a fat quarter swap from Amanda.  They look great and I’ll probably  be looking for more of these fabrics from Amy Butler.

I’ve also made three yoga bags inspired by Amy Butlers free pattern here.  I changed them a little as well.  I’ve made it before for my daughter and myself and found it quick and easy.  I think I’ll make at least 15 of these to get started and then maybe some shopping bags.  I hope they go well seeing as it is a farmer’s market and people will need shopping bags.  Pricing is always a problem.  I don’t want to under value my time and ability and price things too cheap, but I still want to make enough sales to pay for the booth.  I’ve read lately just how important it is to place a fair price on these handmade goods.  They should be valued more than cheap imports.  By underpricing we hurt all the people trying to manufacture good quality goods locally.   I’m not trying to get rich.  Trust me this wouldn’t be the way to do it.  I’m trying to give my daughter a taste of business.


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  1. I love Amy Butler fabrics. I actually stumbled across Amy Butler designs when I was on a baby sling sewing stint. Anyway, I love the little tissue holders and sewing kits! A great idea!

    The one thing I’ve learned about pricing creative work is that you cannot undercut yourself for the sake of someone who doesn’t want to pay.

  2. Hi there,

    I found your blog through sew mama sew, and have been having fun snooping around! Plenty of interesting posts!

    I love the cute tissue holders! and the shopping bags are sure to be a hit at a farmer’s market too! Very useful! Good luck with selling your things, and the same to your daughter for her jewellery!

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