Putting another job to bed

February 18, 2010 at 4:12 pm | Posted in decorating | 3 Comments

Here it is.

I’m  happy with how this project has turned out.  I’ve raised the bed a little to give myself more storage underneath. Scrapbooking  gear will find a home under there.   (I just made you say underwear) .  Never mind me.

I had these little cross stitched dog pictures in my mudroom.  The mudroom is a little over decorated.  I crime I will admit to wholeheartedly.  I like them in this new place.  Moving them has been like purchasing them all over again.  This might be a revelation for me.  I could save hundreds of dollars moving my stuff around.

There are a few touch ups to do since hauling this beast upstairs resulted in a couple of bumps and bangs.  Oh well, the list gets shorter…then longer again.  That’s life.

I’m also very happy with the pillows.  I’m still rethinking sheet colour though.  I’d love white but, husband is hard on white.  Ummm. Maybe I could use white pillows and train him to remove them before bedtime. ?

I need a bed skirt and have been researching this.  A tailored white skirt seems to be the one for me.  I’ll likely be unhappy with the quality of pre-made skirts I can afford, so I’ll be putting yet another item on my to make list. Luckily the fabric store nearby is having a huge sale and price shouldn’t be an issue.  Time is the issue, because I’ve formally agreed to putting the house on a local house tour.  I keep putting them off every year, but this is it.  I figure it will push me to get things done.  Many many things done.


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  1. wow! i love it – it looks so good!

  2. That headboard is gorgeous! Great idea! If you’re into making your own furniture, you might want to check out http://knockoffwood.blogspot.com/ for more inspiration. My aunt recommended Ana’s blog to me and now I’m hooked! LOL!

  3. It’s simply gorgeous! I know I’m way after this has been posted, but just wanted to tell you. I really like it! and love the idea.

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