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I’ve been really inspired lately by some pictures I’ve seem blog surfing. 

After I’ve been telling everyone that I was going to paint my stairs out white and paint a red runner.  I have received a sign.  My latest issue of the much loved Canadian House and Home Magazine  has arrived with a great photo on the cover. 

(small picture but, that’s all I could get right now)

That’s it I thought I’m doing it, and so, it begins.  This will be a Three Step Process over the course of a few days.

I purchased Benjamin Moore’s oil based Underbody, Oil-based Pearl Collection(210-1B) in Simply White(oc-117), and one quart of Brilliant red in Oil- based enamel wood and metal paint(133-23?).  I also used a sander, rags,  mineral spirits and the best painters tape you can find.

Here is the before,  they are pretty beaten up from years of use as well as an extensive reno which we didn’t bother to protect them from. 

I gave them a light sanding with my Black and Decker Mouse.  I concentrated on the areas with the most wear because that is going to be the first place for wear. 


After sanding and vacuuming and I wiped it all down with a mineral spirit dampened rag.  This really picks up any dust that the vacuum misses.  You could also use a purchased tack cloth for this step. 

Time for the primer.  I applied all the paint with a brush.  I just am too lazy to get a tray and roller dirty and then have to deal with even more things to clean or store.  It didn’t take long because I was just doing the treads. 

Not too often do you not have to worry about getting paint on the floor.  It felt a little strange.

 I left it to dry for a full day, because I was working but 12 -14 hours would probably be fine. 

The hallway looks so much brighter already.

I know, it looks a little boring.  It isn’t exactly a great after shot just yet.  I guess the before looks better at this point, but I’m not done yet.  The red paint is waiting…


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  1. ooh lovely – cant wait to see the finished red stairs! sharon x

  2. Thanks for the comment Sharon. Check back soon for a completed project.(I hope) I’m planning to hang a lovely old red and white quilt at the top of the stairs as well. busy busy

  3. Thanks for this. We are doing it too but lost the magazine. Good to have a frame of reference.

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