A new year

January 4, 2010 at 4:29 pm | Posted in decorating, sewing | 1 Comment
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I really wish I had kept up this blog but, I’m going to give it another shot this year.  I have high speed internet now and my computer recently died so I added a new hard drive and while I was at it, a whole bunch more memory.  With the purchase of a laptop for my 13 year old I hope to have more access to the computer this year.  Smart thinking eh?

So this year I plan to:

Sew.  Sew for the house, for my family and to sell at the new local farmers market.  My daughter has been after me to get a booth at a nearby market to sell her jewellry and my sewing.  This is the year!  It will be a great education for her and perhaps a little extra cash for me.  I also hope to gain a little confidence in the process as well. 

Finish decorating the house.  I realize I will never be finished completely but I want to be on the Bobcaygeon House Tour this year.  I have been asked for the last couple of years and it seems we are always in a state of renovation.  The house won’t be perfect (hardwood upstairs needs refinishing) but, I hope to be almost there. 

Purge.  I have an auxillary sewing room in our barn.  It is a complete disaster.  Before I had my girl I use to sew out in the barn.  There is a electric heater out there and lots of shelving and a huge table purchased from a sewing store closeout.  I even have an old pattern cabinet.  I don’t think I will ever sew out there now that we have built a room in the house for me but I still need it for the many many meters of fabric.  It has become a storage place for holiday decorations and items I may want at our cottage (which is at date, not built yet).  Hoarder? ya maybe a little.  I could post pictures but, that would only serve to embarrass me and make you feel better about yourself. 

Lose Weight.  Big surprize here I guess.  Who doesn’t make this resolution?  Well, I have been losing.  Some 11 pounds to date. Thank-you very much.  I have been really good at attending my meetings (weight watchers) and I expect to get to goal this year.  Our leader has suggested a goal for the first day of spring.  She is going to have up write it down and seal it in a envelop which we will open in the spring and rejoice at our success.  RIGHT?!!  Right.  I have 10 pounds to go until I am within the healthy range.  I may want to go a little lower than that though.  We shall see. 

Speaking of fabric store closeout.  My local store, Fabricland in Lindsay, is closing its doors.  So sad.  I will have to drive 45 minutes to Peterborough.  I use to work at this store some 13 years ago.  I know many of the ladies there and am very sad they are losing their jobs.  The store has continued to see growth even with the recession but, management says it isn’t big enough to hold the whole product line and rent is too high.  I really hope something can be done before it is too late. 

Well I should go excercise.  Twenty minutes on the eliptical.  Wish me luck.

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  1. hi there! thanks for stopping by craftytammie. I’m glad you did! and can I say how jealous I am of all your sewing space? I share my fabrics with our guest room. I think you’re right, this is the year for a craft booth. I’m planning one too!

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