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My daughter and I went to a taping of a Toronto t.v show called Steven and Chris.  We won a draw and our prize was a Husqvarna Viking sewing machine.  Amazing to say the least.  What was even more amazing was the audience coordinator( Richard) actually carried it 3 blocks to the train station for us.  I am definitely sending him a Starbucks gift card in the mail.  Who says big city people are cold and unfriendly?  We met lots of nice people yesterday actually.  The show was really entertaining as well.  Chris will say just about anything that pops in his mind.  Makes for lots of laughs anyways.   Here’s a look at the machine and a picture of us with the boys.


When we got home.  The workers at the house, carpenters and duct workers, all thought it was really cool.  Then I realized it is because Husqvarna makes chainsaws and they were impressed with the name brand.  My husband thinks I should make a career out of going to t.v. show tapings.  I always come away with some sweet gift.  Last time I was at the Cityline taping everyone in the audience received a Jamie Oliver frying pan worth $160.00. 

You can see from the sewing machine picture we still have some work to do in the house.  I am hoping this will be a cupboard for this machine.  Maybe on a pull out work surface.  I had the foresight to put an electrical outlet in this little nook.  Good for me.

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