Sewing Show Afterglow

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checking out the stashMaddie, my mom and I went to the Toronto Creativfestival on Friday.  I took her out of school for it.  I think it was really educational.  She loves to craft and it was great for her to see so much of what is available. It was inspirational  to see the number of young people with businesses selling craft supplies and products.  Maybe she will chose a career in this someday or just do it as a hobby.  Whatever. 

Grandma gave her $20 when we picked her up.  Maddie was really surprised.  I think it was the second or third booth we visited and she bought 2 half metres of some really cute fabric.  I bought her  and myself Amy Butler’s stash and dash bag pattern in the next booth.  She put me to work that same night making the smallest coin purse size bag.  We luckily had a zipper in the right colour and length.  Only problem was it was made for pants and was metal.  This made it a little difficult but, it will do.  I was tired after driving to Toronto (2 hours one way), to the airport (another 40min), walk thru the show and home again.  I could not resist giving in to her request because I was just as inspired by everything we had seen that day.  Crazy? Yes, probably.

Made the night after the sewing show

I also picked up the Lotus tunic and cami pattern that I have wanted for quite some time.  I never do this but, I am going to make it using the same fabric as on the pattern cover.  Not very creative I suppose but, I think I fell in love with the whole package.  I have the fabric coming from ebay and I can’t wait.  I got really lucky and found a pattern I love for $1.  It’s from Favorite Things and is called the Prairie Girl.  I am going to try and make a top for myself and Maddie with the same pattern.

Here is the just some of the big haul.

The big Haul

Maddie loved it and I hope it will be an annual event.


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This is the greenhouse on April 29th.  Everything looks so healthy.

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