A recycling project

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The cold temperatures and  messy roads have kept me home sewing this February.  This is just part of an icicle that was hanging from our house.

icicle 2008icicle from winter 2008

Maddie has been saving empty Koolaid jammer containers for a few months. She brings her own home from school and collects them from the other kids as well.   I finally sat down with some instructions that I found online and we made two lunch bags.  I used insturctions from http://henriettashandbags.com/koolaid- and  http://www.thriftyfun.com/tf984011.tip.html

My new lunch bag

Maddie designed this one to be a little bigger and we added a handle. 

Maddie’s new lunch bag

kitten and lunch bag

I need to collect more to make a beach/shopping bag for myself.  It shouldn’t take too long.  Suck’ em back kids.

Maddie was busy making beaded crafts for a friend and baby Inez. 

The one on the left is an I and the other is an H.

I and H beaded

Many more projects on the way.  I’m waiting for the Fabricland sale that starts this week to get the fabric for Maddie’s junior bride’s maid dress.  I’m hand quilting her Amy Bulter lotus quilt when I sit to watch T.V. .  Maybe I should do something for myself after that.  ummmm.

Valentines Day

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Yesterday Maddie announced she didn’t have any Valentine cards and she wanted to hand some out to her classmates.  I was beginning to think she was getting too old for this sort of thing but, happily she isn’t.  Daddy took her to the store on the way to pick me up from work in the truck because I didn’t want to drive the little Tercel on these terrible roads.  They didn’t like what was available so she decided to buy some bristle board in purple, pink, white and black.

Deciding to make 30 cards in one evening is a little ambitous.   The child is more and more like me every day. Scary.   She started  making a few and quickly discovered this would be a difficult task .  I was soon recruited to cut out hearts in three sizes.

They all got finished and addressed and amazingly enough we didn’t have a snow day today.  There are been nine this season and I think five in the last two weeks due to a roads department strike.  Tomorrow is a Professional Activity day and Monday is the new Family Day holiday.  Nice long weekend for her.  Unfortunately, I work tomorrow and Saturday.


I did manage to complete another item for my friend who is having a baby.

I think these nursing cover ups are genius.  They sell for around $40 in a local baby shop.  I let the new mama to be pick her own fabric on this one.



Where was all this neat stuff when I was pregnant a hundred years ago?


Baby Shower Preparations

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I’ve been hard at work planning for my good friend’s baby shower.  I’ve bought some beautiful paper and scrapbook embellishments from Michael’s to make the invitations.  She is having a jungle theme in the nursery so,  I thought it would be cute if the invitations matched.  I’m looking  for games that might be fun and not too difficult to organize.  I’ll be counting on Maddie to help out a lot.

Supplies to make invitesHotel Novotel

Here are the finished invites.


.img_1182.jpg img_1184.jpg

Now the work beginnings.  I need to fill them out and address get myself to the post office.

We have been having a lot of snow lately.  Seems we have yet another snow day for the kids.  The fourth in 2 weeks.  Throw in a P.A. day in there for good measure as well. Wow, nice to be a kid around here.

Tonight ( Thursday February 7th) we go to Rascal Flatts concert at the Air Canada Centre.   This is part of Maddie’s Christmas gift.  We are going with a friend of ours and staying at the Hotel Novotel. Hotel Novotel

rascal-flatts5.jpg We had a great time.  We sat in the 17th row on the floor.  The only problem was I forgot people stand up when they are on the floor.  Poor Maddie had a bit of a problem seeing.  Luckily they played a few songs on a centre stage which was just behind us a couple of rows and she had a super view for that.

When we got home I delivered the bassinet full of sheets and blankets to my pregnant friend.  I think she liked everything.  I didn’t take pictures of the orange fleece with the polka dot trim.  So soft.  I had enough to make a throw for mama too.   There was enough of the micro fleece to make two back to back blankets.  She has a friend who is expecting so, this might make a nice gift for her .  These blankets were selling for around $40 at the One of A Kind Craft Show this year.  I think waiting for the half price sale made them come in at around $8 each.  Nice savings.

img_1170.jpg I purchased this bassinet about 12 years ago and now it’s seen at least 3 other babies through their first few months.  This is the first time I have made a bumper pad for it.  I think it makes it cozier.  I hope baby number 4 finds it to be a comfortable lodging.

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